About Us

Kilimanjaro Backcountry Adventures is an exciting tour operator located in Kahe Moshi rural Kilimanjaro, whose utmost intention is to provide the kind of services that match your value for money. We are an experienced mountain climbing team that covers all major mountains in Tanzania. We also offer safaris from several national parks as well as cultural excursions – services that cover East African countries.

Run by Tanzanian

Our local tour company is Tanzanian based in Kahe rural in Moshi region, run by Tanzanians, working with Tanzanians and give back to the people of Tanzania. We are a professional and very experienced company who has Guides,who are very intelligent and knowledgeable about the mountain. They are also excellent English language speakers and will support you to have a wonderful adventure with us in Tanzania. We are trusted and respected local tour company in Tanzania and the guests that have experienced our tours keep in contact with us regularly.

We are among the few operations in Tanzania who organise village tours and stays for anybody around the world. We can orgainse opportunitie for our our guests to stay within family homes in Kahe village Moshi rural Kilimanjaro region. Here people will explore the truly African life of our traditions, culture, economy, sports and food by staying with local people and sharing life experience.

Our Principals

  • It is important to our company to keep and maintain good records of arranging successful trips for our guests in Tanzania.

  • We aim to fulfil the expectations of our guests.

  • Treating porters and all members of the team with equal rights and caring for each and evryone of them.

  • High quality customer care is our first priority.

  • Our guests will be treated with the upmost respect.

  • Our Guides will present facts and figures to our guests during their journey so they are able to develop their knowledge

  • Our Guides will have knowledge of Tanzanian attractions, culture, history and contemporary issues of a site.

  • The Team will have a practical knowledge of problem solving.

  • Our Guides are good and brilliant first aid performers who recognize symptoms of serious altitude sickness and are able organise an immediate descent, which is by far the best treatment, when necessary.

  • Our Team has excellent communication skills and can engage well with our guests.

  • The health and safety of our guests is the most important aspect of our climb.

  • Our Team understand that have to perform their jobs with care and accuracy..

  • The Team members are our company and country ambassadors, who needs to present well through our tourism.

Giving Back To Community


We established this tour company Kili Backcountry Adventure in 2015, since then we have decided to support our village soccer team called Wapalianda Football Club as a part of giving back to our less fortune neighbors although we established the soccer team in 2006 before the tour company.

The word ‘Wapalianda’ means special group of soldiers with one mission so we loved the name because our job is not easy making sure that the majority who come to hike Mt Kilimanjaro are reaching the top safe and sound it doesnt matter if there is a storm or any kind of bad weather up there so we consider ourselves we do more/better than soldiers!


1. We have boys youth/adult soccer team (Wapalianda Football Club) age started from 18 – 28

2. We have young boys soccer team (Wapalianda Academy) age under 17

3. We have girls soccer team (Wapalianda Girls) age started from 13 – 28

1. We give kids/youth both girls and boys a perfect opportunity to become whoever they desire through their soccer talents
2. We make kids/youth in our village to dedicating most of their time in soccer for training and match’s so that they can be busy and don’t have time for stupidity to become drug users, robbers, thieves, prostitution and etc
3. Because most involved are kids/youth it’s obvious they’re still students so this helps them a lot for their mental and physical health, 100%
4. It’s makes them fit & avoid opportunistic diseases
5. One may use this chance to improve his/her soccer talent and become successful through soccer as a career
5. We give out free education and seminars about HIV and AIDS so that players and supporters can both be educated and this way we can together protect our next generation
6. We give an entertainment and enjoyment to our community for our many soccer games we playing often also because we participate in many big tournaments in our village, outside the village and ofcourse Moshi town soccer leagues such as Zuberi Cup Tournaments under the mayor of Moshi council, we qualified in a division three national soccer league (Kilimanjaro Regional Soccer League) We are very proud to be on top 8 list of the biggest soccer teams in Kilimanjaro region as the regional top soccer league ended last season, so yes we are in.

1. We are champions of Moshi district council for year 2022 (boys)
2. We are two times champions of ‘Hearts and Hands Maji Soccer Tournaments’ happens every year in our village under an amazing USA organization called Hearts And Hands For Humanity (boys)
3. We have won lots of small tournaments in the village that we got goats as an award (boys)
4. The girls have won two titles from two different soccer festivals they participated in Moshi town

1. We want to go to play on the Tanzania Premier League and make our village proud
2. We would love to meet big soccer agents around the world who can help us pushing our talented soccer kids/youth to play abroad and become successful


2015 was our lucky year so far, its the year that we started this tour company but it also it is exactly the same year we partnering with this amazing non profit organization based in Utah, USA it is called HEARTS AND HANDS FOR HUMANITY under a very good heart people Alan Jackson and Connie Watson.
This American NGO is doing a great job of donating in their country then travelling all the way to Tanzania to help and trust me, they have changed life of many in our community, these are definitely angels of God!
Through them we have drilled nearly 200 water wells and been able to provide clean water to Tanzanian schools/pupils that dont have acces of clean water for drinking, cooking while at school and for bathing as well for residents near the school.


Our Guides

  • Our guides Licensed by the National Park and are certified Wilderness First Responders (WFR)
  • Our guides conduct health checks twice daily using pulse oximeters to measure pulse and oxygen saturation
  • We carry emergency oxygen, a portable stretcher and a medical kit on all our Mt Kilimanjaro climbs
  • We have established protocols for handling emergencies on the mountain, including rescue and evacuation

Our Chefs

With the amount of energy you will be expending on your climb, eating properly is vitally important. We take the subject of food and drink very seriously indeed, aiming to provide a diet that is both nutritious and tasty, perfectly balanced and tailored specifically for those climbing Kilimanjaro. The mountain chef is a very important member of the team that will take you up Kilimanjaro, preparing your food every day with his team of assistants. These guys have been especially trained to prepare meals for adventure trips and they typically have at least 15 years of experience. Just like our mountain guides, they are true professionals and totally committed to maintaining the very highest of standards at every meal. We believe that you will be very pleasantly surprised by the food you enjoy on the mountain.


Our Porters

Mount Kilimanjaro Porters are a dedicated group of people who help climbers carry their gear during the hike.

  • Most of them are local men, aged between 18 to 40.
  • Women occupy a small percentage of Kilimanjaro Porters. Yet, they display an equal level of commitment and fervor as they skilfully navigate their way up the mountain.
  • They set up camp. At the end of a tiring day’s climb, it’s a huge relief to arrive at a full set-up camp, all thanks to the Kilimanjaro Climbing Porters.
  • They ensure safe water and meals. Purifying water and assisting with meals safeguard your health during the expedition.
  • They provide moral support. The encouragement provided by the porters along the difficult Kilimanjaro Routes can be a game-changer in reaching the summit.
  • They offer assistance at high altitudes. When high altitude takes its toll, they help with simple tasks that suddenly become arduous.